Why did I set up the website?

Well I could have put it all in a book or two but I decided I would rather the information is out there where anyone can read it. So I’ll put snippets on here periodically – hopefully there will be something for everyone: for people thinking about flying, for student pilots, and for qualified flyers of all persuasions. These are the aims…

To Share

I’ve been incredibly lucky over the last 25 years to have had the opportunity to fly some amazing machines that most people will never have access to. It would be rude of me not to share my thoughts on the hardware.

To Educate

I’ve learned a lot through my experiences and will pass these lessons on – every day’s a school day after all.

To Inspire

Hopefully by sharing my experiences I can encourage others to take up flying, to keep flying, to spread the word to others, to keep airfields open and to preserve our aviation heritage.

I’m always open to feedback so please let me know how I get on.

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